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Hand Drawn Type by Priska

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Over the years, as time passes by, we see more and more designers that are interested more in typography and experimenting with it. There are great designers out there, that do amazing work especially with hand drawn type, something that is not as easy as many think. The experimentation you can do with type is endless and we see great examples every day at numerous places and online as well. Because of the fact that so many are experimenting with type now, it pushes the designers to create more unique and intriguing designs and type so that the work can shine among the many.

Well the work of the designer that we are featuring in our post is shining to us, because he always finds a way to make his work unique and distinguishing.

In this post we are sharing the work of a French designer called Priska that is currently based in Dubai. He is a designer, developer and a director/editor. His talents come in many forms and his work is always impressive and his attention to detail is exquisite. Priska is experimenting with hand drawn type for a while now and he keeps on adding new work in his portfolio on a daily basis.

We will share with you some of his work, some examples that we choose. You can see more of his work at his website : and you can see more of his hand drawn type at his instagram which is

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Source: Instagram