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What we do– Social Media Marketing
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We all know that the future is online; few of us however, realize that the future… is happening right now! Over the past few years, social media has changed our perceptions and our ways of doing things. Case studies such as the recent uprising in Egypt and Obama’s rising ‘likeability’ status before the 2008 elections, all refer back to the power of online presence. Today, if you are “off the grid” and not online, then you are invisible. And it is no longer a matter of simply ‘having a web site’ like it was in the 90s. Today, it is all about developing an actual dialogue and communicating with specific audiences. Social Media can help us do that quicker, easier and with less expense than any above-the-line advertising strategy. It is no longer just an additional part of extensive marketing campaigns, but a unique tool that can be used even as a stand-alone plan of action.

The promotional options and applications are, as we see them, infinite. If we take into account how many White_box_55x90successful marketing tools have been developed through social media over the past two years, we are certain that the future holds many more to come. And as nerdy as it may sound (and we may be a little nerdy, but the cool type of nerdy of course), we are so fascinated by this movement that our pledge to you is that WE WILL ALWAYS BE ONE STEP AHEAD WHEN IT COMES TO THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION. In fact we are part of it!

We have already developed unique platforms that have been used digitally for promotional reasons and will continue to do so consistently. Not just because we believe in its limitless potential but because we are passionate about getting YOUR message across to YOUR target audience, as effectively as possible.

We can promise to deliver results in the best possible way, within reasonable budgets and timeframes because we are modern traditionalists. In other words, we use traditional marketing skills in contemporary ways. One of these ways, in fact perhaps the most powerful of these ways, is through social media.