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social media monitoringAnd here it is… the very best thing about social media marketing… We left till last, because if anything will ‘make the sale’ for you, it is this – monitoring.

Wouldn’t life be grand if we could tell who heard our radio ads, watched our tv spots, read our advertorials, skimmed though our magads; if only we could know what these people are thinking and what more they are expecting from our brands. If only we could measure… our impact.

 Online, this problem, is out the door. Throughout all social media platforms – you have complete control. You know who is ‘following’ or ‘friending’ you, you know how many times they have visited your online presence, you know what they are saying about you and whether or not they are potential customers.

If you want to know what is being said about your brand… the digital world is undoubtedly your most reliable source. How else can you transform a negative comment into valuable feedback and promote the credible positive comments?

As if getting authentic feedback for free wasn’t enough (a few years ago results like these could only have been uncovered after extensive testing on focus groups), social media gives us another way to monitor our views, likes, and even how long each potential customer stayed on your page. These tools are different for each platform, but Infinity has used them all. We know how to monitor your traffic and will do so consistently throughout the entire campaign process, once it has been entrusted to us. Monitoring will help us understand the impact of our campaign
in real time. It will help us pinpoint loyal ‘fans’ and give us a way to better ourselves every single time.

After you’ve completed your campaign, sit back and watch the company buzz. Our monitoring programs will tell you White_box_55x90exactly how loudly your company has been buzzing, where (on which platform) how (which application or competition worked best) and why (did we launch our campaign during a strategically correct period, were are updates viewed and taken into account for or did they seem boring). These monitoring programs can make you (and us) into better marketers and brand managers with each and every campaign. There is still a lot to learn out there, but this learning process will eventually make us leaders in our own right, especially on a local level.