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social media marketingThere are two fantastic elements to social media market planning that keep luring brands and services back to its threshold while consistently tempting new aspiring companies:

  1. its ability to focus on a specific audience
  2. its ability to be monitored

However the trick to success, is maintaining the ‘old-school’ way of structuring a plan of action while using new-age technologies. By old-school, we mean strategic, well-scripted planning which uphold the marketing fundamentals set by advertising pioneers years ago. This consists of a step-by-step approach. First we need to really get to know your product or brand intimately. Then, we need to give it a strong online presence and SEO (search engine optimization).

In order to do this we need to know your target market and learn how to talk with them (not to them but with them – advertising now consists of dialogues, not one-way statements), and finally, we need to find the message we wish to deliver and use the right tools to get the message across to the people we want to listen to it. There are of course an infinite amount of possibilities, but we have separated our social media tools into seven categories, each of which can be used as its own stand-alone promotional tool or can be combined in a well-versed strategic social media marketing plan or campaign that includes could use traditional advertising as well. As we said before, we believe that the possibilities are undeniably endless, as is our very own potential.