Your Infinite Social Media Partner


FacebookOctober 2012 and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces that his social networking site has just landed 1 billion active users. That’s billion… with a b.

Marketing through facebook is not just about cornering people’s interests and using locality and relevance for brief and direct advertisements; it is also about communicating directly with your market.

Becoming an online marketing sensation is not easy. You need a passionate partner with the right technical expertise combined with the knowledge to make digital communication possible and engaging for your target market. While advertising on facebook is a relatively simple process it still requires strategic development.

By posting regularly (and correctly) and creating ads that force you to make your message short and sweet, you can create almost immediate awareness. The key then is to keep this awareness high. Take an interest in what your public is telling you. Facebook allows consumers to look at brands naked and through a microscope. It is the only place where it is never about the size of the business being promoted, but about the amount of public engagement it is gaining.

Custom applications such as competitions or sweepstakes give you’re the opportunity to create databases which can then be used for bulk email or sms campaigns, a service we also happen to offer. These applications are becoming more and more flexible, allowing us to pioneer with every project. Today, creating a successful online social media platform is not only about technical know-how, it is about getting the public interested and maintaining that interest all year round.

There are dangers to using social media however, especially if you are not following a correct marketing plan. People can get bored of irrelevant posts or annoyed with continuous updates. While online, your market has a very small attention span. You need to be able to grab their attention and preserve it throughout your campaign, and we can help you do just that.
Have an impact on the audience you choose, by entrusting the right social media partner for your online promotional campaigns. The kind of partner that really believes in this type of media’s truly…‘infinite’ potential.