Your Infinite Social Media Partner


google +By now we should have learnt to trust anything that comes from google (the search engine that took over the world); now add a plus sign to that (+) and what do you have? Perhaps the world’s most important social identity badge ever. Google+ is a brand new social networking platform that has been reforming and simplifying itself consistently since its launch in June 2011. Today it is as user-friendly as other google applications such as gmail and google maps. Smart businesses have already latched on to the growing Google+ fad and we think you should give it some thought too.

According to google, your business can ‘harness the full potential of the web’ by creating a Google+ profile. The general idea is that you can add people to ‘circle’ and create credible word-of-mouth. ‘Searches’ and ‘Ripples’ give you access to whatever is being said about your brand and how it is being shared throughout the platform. ‘Hangouts’ are social groups that give you the option of interacting with your customers, clients or partners either through a planned session or a casual gathering. By giving you a +1, people recommend your brand or service, and these credits appear on your website, display ads, search ads, google searches results and on your google+ profile.

You can use Google+ as your own free-access focus group. Get real insight on what you are offering by grouping different types of people into ‘circles’ and exchange ideas and opinions. The great thing about this specific platform is that it is relatively new in general and completely new to the Cyprus market. Local G+ businesses that had a head start will be experienced by the time it becomes ‘bigger than facebook, and soon at the rate it is growing’ according to New Media Movement.

We can explain G+ to you and we can make you tomorrow’s pioneers, today. Let Infinity work its magic and trust that only good things can stem from a social project designed by passionate game changers (that’s us) and the kings of the web – (that’s Google Inc).