Your Infinite Social Media Partner


linkedinIf facebook is your ‘social presence’, LinkedIn is your ‘corporate presence’. LinkedIn demographics in January 2012 presented an estimated 147 million users representing 150 industries. This platform allows you to generate leads for your business by:

  • connecting with potential clients or partners
  • announcing new products, services or promotions
  • researching prospects or competition before launching a new campaign
  • building awareness
  • positioning your company in the marketplace and staying a step ahead.

You can use LinkedIn like a trade show or expo. It is not a casual place like facebook and twitter but more the business side of your brand. The executive side that wears a suit and tie. Once your profile is up, it can be connected to your twitter account and you can slowly but surely start to grow your network by joining similar industry groups. LinkedIn needs its own pace and style, it is not a standard social media platform where one can speak out without really thinking about it. It needs a sincere, credible approach that can be done by partnering up with Infinity or simply by attending one of our specialized training seminars that teach you tips and tricks of the trade.

Whatever the case, our recommendation to you is that you provide information about your company on LinkedIn today! Then we would suggest you start conversing by offering advice, insight into the industry you are involved with or general relative information. This will slowly drive your audience to a ‘landing page’ where they can sign up for your newsletter or get more information on your products or services.

It is an indirect approach, and not necessarily an instant sales pitch. However it is an important way to get to know your competition and partner up with people that suit your individual profile. By using this platform you can track ‘company buzz’, use various applications to display your portfolio or gallery and get in contact with the professionals you want to exchange ideas with.

Again, it is not the easiest platform to use, and you can partner up with Infinity to help you optimize your LinkedIn presence and essentially certify your brand, business or company as a serious corporate entity with background, experience and modern up-to-date skills.