Your Infinite Social Media Partner


pinterestPinterest is the application for all other applications. Confused? It’s actually very simple. It is an application that allows users to ‘pin up’ images on their board and share them with everyone through social media platforms (like facebook and twitter), newsletters or corporate/business websites. It is a place where images speak louder than words and a great way to set up an online storefront.

A completely new addition to Pinterest is Pinterest Promotions. A platform where brands can hold competitions or sweepstakes much like facebook. This platform was developed as a sort of ‘social scrapbooking or clippings service’. Has the media been talking about your brand or service? Put it up there! Are you launching something new, tease your crowd visually. Brands can become ‘pinfluencers’ in a matter of days, all it takes is some smart moves, some great visuals and presto – you’re saying more with your visuals than you ever did with words.

Plans to make pinterest even more market-friendly for businesses include the development of audience databases and the segmentation of profiles thus giving access to businesses so that they can choose the make up of their followers.

With its ‘virtual pinboard’ interface and a rapidly growing range of users, you can use pinterest easily and practically to direct the public to your online presence, share inspiration and “pin” images, videos and other ‘objects’ to your brand. It is best known for its easy-to-use mobile app character, giving everyone with any kind of smart phone the opportunity to share their online and real time experiences with a broad spectrum of people. Make sure you’re one step ahead, and ‘pin’ yourself and your brand to the future. Infinity can help you create an outstanding pinterest account and can consult and train you to update regularly and intelligently for the most effective results.