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20131120-linda-pic-3-successful-business-strategies-2What makes Infinity, confidently state that it can be ‘your infinite social media partner’, is the company’s ability to use human potential at its very best. Out team consists of people from various fields: brand management, crisis management, marketing strategists, designers and creative’s of all kinds, copywriters, web developers and technologically-savvy professionals.

We put this team together, by looking at innovative strategies that had already been launched, and inviting the producers to become collaborators and members of our team. The result was the collection of a young inspiring group of people that can use web tools efficiently and effectively while following a well-developed social media strategy in order to make the very best of these consistently evolving online marketing tools.

We have over 14 years experience in traditional advertising, (magads, outdoor pisas etc) publications (books, annual reports, magazines), media-planning, radio & TV, TV & Public Relations. Our administrative and directive team, know the local market from every angle possible. The only thing missing was the shift. The acceptance that we are moving into a paperless society, and learning how to market and advertise through the WWW is a must. Learning how to do it exceptionally however, is not a must – it is a philosophy and stems from our passion to develop marketing strategies that bring RESULTS.

We learnt how to develop these skills for our customers so that when called to provide an online plan of action we could take the weight off frustrated brand managers who don’t understand or don’t have time to run after their. social media marketing plans Using us instead of an in-house employee guarantees you full service with impact and results (check out our case studies). However we do understand that some small business have the capacity and perhaps a little know-how so we have developed a second partnership option which includes the development of a social media marketing campaign, using us as consultants, and following up with training sessions for certain employees who are willing to take on the responsibility.