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Bulk SMS smallAre you still sending out your promos through letterbox? Direct mail well… it has its uses but we know now that if you’re going to spend the budget to create something original enough so that it won’t be tossed in the bin immediately, you might as well send a bulk SMS promo strategically targeted to include potential customers. Infinity has its own database and the technology to be able to offer this service to you – AT THE LOWEST RATE ON THE MARKET. 

Databases can be collected in various ways. The most effective way today is through Social Media via Competitions and Sweepstakes on platforms like facebook or google+. Give people the opportunity to win something and they will give you their telephone number and email address. It really is that simple. The participants of each competition are divided by what target group the competition attracted.

Slowly but surely a large bank of data has been developed at our offices, and we are willing to share them with you in order to boost your revenue… the paperless way!

Sending smart catchy e-blasts or simple straightforward promos through mobile phones, is undoubtedly the best way to get your message across now-a-days. It is personal, if the user continues using it, it means s/he wants to get your messages and even forward it to somebody they think would appreciate what you are offering.

Bulk SMS and E-blasts are not the easiest things in the world to do. In fact they both need serious thought as to who is going to receive it, how we are going to convey the message that best suits our brand and how to be creative and catchy enough to not be tossed in the bin like direct mail today.

Infinity can help you come up with the correct wording and visual for both Bulk SMS and E-blasts and we have the technologyWhite_box_55x90 to send them off to targeted groups of people securely and effectively.

You can create an account and buy your Bulk SMS today!