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Ever think about reaching out to your audience entirely independently while still taking advantage of today’s digital revolution? Smartphones and custom made applications can do just that for you. Today you can reach new marketing heights by creating custom made apps for smartphone and tablet technology and with us by your side you can do this in the most innovative and effective way possible.

Mobile app technology has actually completely changed the face of marketing. It is in a category of its own because it is truly limitless. In Cyprus it is widely used by top-selling local magazines, in order to ensure engagement with a tech-savvy 21st century driven audience. Through custom applications you can share whatever you want with exactly the people you want to share with. And the best thing about creating your own application these days and especially in Cyprus is the fact that it is still deemed as incredibly impressive and does not have the ‘spamming’ dangers of platforms such as facebook and twitter. It is high-end. Top-of-the-line. If your company designs a custom application, it’s going to leave a mark and it will be used even if it is by a certain percentage of people (for the time being) because it is all relatively new.White_box_55x90

We believe three things are needed for the development of a quality business-related mobile app: technological know-how, marketing expertise and creativity. Luckily not only does Infinity have all three of these characteristics, but they are the very cornerstone of who we are.