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FoursquareWelcome to location based marketing at its very best!
Foursquare is a social networking site but mostly used as a mobile app in order to “check in” at various venues though instant text messaging, device-specific applications or mobile website. Each check in awards the user points ‘mayorship’ and ‘badges’ that can be exchanged for discounts or VIP promotions at the specific venue.

The general idea is that people want to use their mobile devices in order to interact with their environment. They want people to know where they are and what they are doing. This is evident in the average of 3 million individual check-ins per day which were estimated in June 2011.

Foursquare knows its marketing potential for location based brands or services and that is why they developed Foursquare Brands. An application that allows companies to create pages for tips and tricks and allows users to ‘follow’ the company and receive special promotions when they ‘check-in’ at certain locations.

By using this application and offering incentive “specials” such as discounts and promos businesses can start to create word-of-mouth in very little time as Foursquare users have the option of posting their whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook. Therefore if a growing number of your online friends are visiting the Infinity offices, you would no doubt start wondering what it is and where…. if everybody is “checking in”, it must be an interesting place!

Involving yourself in the FourSquare service will definitely win you some points when it comes to a trendy, tech-based audience. Proving you have loyal customers is something you can’t really do with other forms of media and there is no higher credibility then that. Claim your venue, use foursquare as your new online company address and learn how to incorporate badges into your website for an excellent credibility status. The platform is there, ready and waiting for you to use it to its full potential. And with Infinity by your side strategically incorporating foursquare into your social media marketing plan, you really can’t go wrong.