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twitterWith 200 million users worldwide and a continuously growing local community, twitter can be the key to keeping your brand or service at the peak of its industry. True, it is not as widely used as facebook and it can confuse a few ‘newbies’. But the businesses that “get” twitter, can unlock one of the greatest networking tools of the 21st century.

The simple truth is that twitter users respect twitter businesses a little more than facebook users respect facebook promoted businesses. True – it does refer to a smaller audience (if you can call two million users small), and Cyprus is only just opening up to the twitter concept. However, twitter users are usually quite good with technology – it is deemed as a less user-friendly platform, and therefore attracts computer users with high intelligence levels. Businesses that use twitter correctly are deemed as superior with regards to today’s social and cultural reality.

Twitter characterizes itself as ‘the fastest, simplest way to stay close to everything you care about’, and this is true. The twitter platform (allowing users to access and exchange small bursts of information called ‘tweets’ that are up to 140 characters long) is used by businesses in order to share brief information about new products, promotions or services IN REAL TIME. This gives professional users the opportunity to interact with their ‘followers’ and use hashtags (#) in order to be directly involved in any possibly related ‘twitter searches’ and gain more ‘followers’.

If you have no idea what all this is about – don’t worry. You are not alone. It is not a common platform in Cyprus YET. But it took Cyprus quite a while to really “get into” facebook. Modern marketing strategies can not rule twitter out. In fact local businesses should use this time to become ‘experienced users’ and add true 21st century value to their name.

Today, twitter is no doubt the fastest way to get your message out to any smart phone, tablet or computer user and it will help refine your brand amidst the target market that suits you best. The best thing about using it for promotional reasons is its ability to be monitored (twitter web analytics), exchanged (retweets) and shared. You can link your twitter account to any website with RSS feeds and you can stay ‘on top of your game’ by checking out what the competition is doing before, during and after any of your campaigns. It is an opportunity to talk with your potential customers/clients and offer help/customer service immediately when and if needed.

Infinity can help you use tools like twitter effectively by implementing it into your social media marketing plan and accessing the benefits offered, even on a daily basis. In fact it is something we are very good at because we know how to sell, without really making it sound like selling. And that… is really what social media marketing is all about.