Your Infinite Social Media Partner


youtubeYoutube is a great entertainment platform… right? Well yes, obviously. But did you know it could also be a fantastic opportunity for your business to create awareness, engage with your audience and gain publicity? No? Well if global leading brands like Apple are doing it, why aren’t you? Having a youtube presence is like being on television, online, at a fraction of the cost. So why aren’t you giving yourself some very affordable airtime?

When creating your own channel on youtube, you can present your brand on the worlds second largest search engine, and upload easy-to-make videos, animations, ads, promos or even customer service tips. A recent example of youtube’s power on branding through the internet was a video-answer to a facebook user’s status that discredited a brand of feminine hygiene products. The specific brand’s video-answer was characterized as entailing ‘awe inspiring sarcasm’ and went viral in days.

Viral videos like locally shared ‘to krasaki tou tsou’ (created by a well known Greek advertising agency), are not easy to come up with, and that’s not what we are promising you (although given the freedom, we can promise to try). Partnering up with Infinity to create a strong youtube presence is one of the most out-of-the-box marketing strategies you can follow. It is scarcely done in Cyprus, and businesses have never before had the opportunity to work with social media marketing leaders hand in hand to develop their youtube channel. In Cyprus, it is a pioneering direction with the potential to create the type of impact that people remember.

You wouldn’t think it, but youtube is also a great advertising and networking source. It allows you to link up directly with other users that could be potential customers, clients or partners. It also gives you the option of customizing/branding your own channel and becoming a ‘search leader’ by using smart keywords to usher users to your channel when searching for specific phrases or words.

Through youtube you don’t have to be as indirect as you should be on platforms like facebook or twitter; here you can sell sell sell shamelessly (although getting creative with your selling technique would probably boost your numbers up). Broadcasting your brand can give you thousands of options that other types of traditional or social advertising platforms can not. Besides, 98 of AdAge’s Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube and 98% is rarely wrong. Get in contact with Infinity and make the most of your online airtime. Who knows? You could be the talk of the town in just a few days!